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    Tobacco and Sweets

    Tobacco, a good selection of sweets, newspapers, magazines, stationery, confectionery, toys and a host of useful services.

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    Not the most politically-correct topic these days but a lot of people smoke and we stock a large selection of 'price-marked' brands (whilst stocks are available ... big industry changes coming in March 2007). This means that we dont keep changing the prices after we've bought them from the manufacturers - the customer gets a good deal. (This structure extends to other products in the shop.) All cigarettes and tobacco are now hidden; however, please ask and we'll advise on our product range.

    We sell pipe tobacco - Erinmore and St. Bruno. We sell hand-rolling tobacco, filters (incl. menthol), rolling papers, gas and lighter fluid, pipe cleaners and flints.


    If you want nostalgia we stock a load of old favourites such as Fry's Chocolate Creams, Walnut Whips, Topic etc ... you'll also be pleased to hear that we also sell a selection of Reeces bars.

    Standard confectionary but with a lot more choice. Our 'price-marked' system kicks in again and you'll find our prices competitive - a chocolate bar normally on sale at 72p is 50p. Suppliers enable us to feature all new promotions when they come on to the market.

    We have a fantastic selection of jarred sweets and you won't be surprised if you come across toffee crumble, winter warmers, bon-bons, floral gums and cherry lips. There's even the penny pic-n-mix and a choice of medicinal sweets.

    Did we forget boxes of chocolates? Don't worry - there are plenty.

    Contact us on 07915 807841 or email us if you need any other information about our business and the wide range of services we provide. Follow us on Facebook: